Stevia Herb as a Sweetener

Most people reading this have probably heard of using stevia as a sweetener. But where does it come from, what are the benefits, and how can we use it? Stevia is a native plant of South America with a high concentration of different glycosides which give the leaf its sweetness. Stevia has zero calories making it great for weight loss. It also has no effect on blood glucose levels, making it a safe sweetener for diabetics. Stevia extract has close to 200 times the amount of sweetness as cane sugar, thereby requiring only a small amount to sweeten a drink. Some sweetener companies add certain ingredients to the packet of stevia extract, such as dextrose, which is not advisable for people looking to eliminate sugar and simple carbohydrates. If you are looking for a more natural stevia, however, our natural herb stevia leaf may be your answer.

We have available raw dried organic stevia leaves which you can use in various ways as a sweetener. Often we advise that people add the leaves to their tea as it’s steeping. This not only provides a natural sweetness but also eliminates the additives frequently found in stevia packets. These leaves are also far less processed than stevia extract or stevia based sweeteners.

Another method is to grind the leaves into a fine powder, using a high-speed blender, to add to your tea. Stevia can also be used in many other drinks and dishes.  Try it in your next smoothie for a FAR LESS glycemic index than honey or agave syrup.  Use it in your cole slaw or to sweeten virtually any other recipe. With the current awareness that processed sugar is “the devil,” we can be thankful there is a natural solution!  STEVIA HERB!  

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