Herbal Fusions

Herbal Fusions

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All true “TEA” comes from the same plant, the camellia sinensis bush. When other plants are dried, processed and prepared as tea, they are known as “INFUSIONS.” Typically, a true infusion has no caffeine, since most herbal ingredients are naturally caffeine-free. The exception to that is Yerba Mate, the traditional drink in South America, which is at least as high in caffeine as tea.

Combining an infusion with true tea creates a “FUSION.” Fusions are lower in caffeine than their tea counterparts, because they are combined with caffeine-free herbal ingredients. This makes the teaspoon of tea you use in your cup only partially caffeinated, hence the lower caffeine levels.

Either way, we hope you enjoy our offering of hand-processed, carefully selected blends. Cottage Garden Teas uses top quality herbal inclusions and intense blending research to develop these signature tea blends. We’re actually quite proud of them!