About Us

We are two sisters who have been drinking tea ever since our English grandmother ‘tipped the pot.’: We ‘take tea’ every evening with dinner, every morning, at three o’clock for a pick-me-up, and whenever we’re with relatives and friends. It is our pleasure to find unique gourmet teas for you to enjoy. We hope you return to our site often to investigate our newest estate teas or the original blends we have created just for you!

Joanne remembers as a young girl being invited to have tea with their elderly neighbor. Climbing the staircase and knocking on the door, she discovered a wonderland of china Teapots and Teacups, lace table coverings, and rocking chairs. When interrupted by this small visitor, Grandma Downey reached for a tiny teacup and filled it with VERY little tea, lots of milk, and a bit of sugar. Joanne remembers fondly those moments learning about friendship over tea.

Carolyn and her husband purchased the home of our Auntie Lee, who was always found with a cup of tea and reading a book or sewing doll clothes. Carolyn continued the tradition: reading, gathering the family, and sewing! Now a new collection Teapots was growing in that house!

These days, we two sisters live in West Palm Beach, Florida, and still drink tea.   Over the last ten years, our love of tea has taken our business on a wild ride.  We have become master blenders, and are becoming quite knowledgeable about herbs and their health benefits in tea.  Here on our website, we share with you the beautiful tea leaves, wonderful fruits,Spices and Herbs that can enhance a cup of tea. We obtain ingredients from all over the world, and we research only the finest grades of Black TeaGreen Tea, White Tea, Oolong TeaPuerh TeaRooibos Tea and Herbal Infusions to make your own tea enjoyment all the more rich. Our hope – our prayer – is that you will continue (or create new!) traditions and memorable moments connecting over tea. Enjoy…


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