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Our newest retail outlet!

Ghiggeri’s Fine Olive OilsTwo locations in Pennsylvania

Honesdale, PA and Milford, PA

We’re so proud.  Beautiful stores in very historic areas.

Thanks Ghiggeri’s!

The new 2019 teas are in!

We’re SO excited about these new exquisite teas coming directly from the tea farm in China.

This is the only area where authentic Dragonwell green tea is grown. Cottage Garden Teas is privileged to have a limited amount of tea from this farm.  Watch the video as one leaf and one bud of the tea bush is picked by hand.



“I received my new order today and wanted to thank you for including a sample of a new tea. Having spent most of my life in sales, I can tell you that this is the best way to promote new business. Should you ever have need for a customer to give a glowing testimonial, I would be happy to do so as I have been doing business with you now for several years and your product is great – and your service is even better.”  -Arnold

“I opened my Indian River Lemon this week and it is as beautiful as the Cozy Comfort, thank you!”  -Melissa

“I will never go back to store bought tea bags again! Cottage Gardens Teas are delicious and Carolyn and Joanne are lovely people.” -Carol


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