George Washington wrote letters to the chocolatiers of his day to supply his wife with her favorite morning tea – an infusion of cacao shells from South America. Cottage Garden Teas has sourced this interesting herbal, and it’s lovely! It provides a slight stimulant, along with a most satisfying cup!


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Cottage Garden Teas has always sourced our teas from the most reputable vendors we can find.  We want to answer some questions that may arise about the quality of tea from China, in light of the health crisis there. 

    – All Chinese tea that is in our facility was grown and made during 2019. The new season for Chinese tea does not begin until the end of March 2020.

    – Chinese tea (black, green, oolong) is dried at temperatures above 200 degrees F (95 degrees C) for minimally 15 minutes.  Chinese white tea is sun dried and may undergo up to 5 minutes of mechanical drying at the above noted temperature.

    – After drying, the transit time from the estates is normally at least 60 days.

    – Reports from the W.H.O. and other authorities indicate that the incubation period of Coronavirus is up to 14 days in a live host.

    – There have been no reports that Coronavirus is able to survive in high temperatures or in products that are dried to below 4-5% moisture.

    – The recommended steeping temperature of tea in water is greater than 190 degrees F (90 deg C) for 5 minutes. (We also recommend that you bring the water to a boil and allow it to cool to the desired steeping temperature).  Preparing as “sun-tea” (without heating the water above 190 degrees F) does not include what we call the “kill factor” and consequently we do not recommend it. 

We believe that drinking tea regardless of its origin, is a safe practice. (Actually to the best of our knowledge, there are no microorganisms that can survive high temperature tea steeping; so not only is tea good for you, but with proper and recommended preparation, you also ensure that the water is free of potentially harmful microorganisms.)

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My mom has been drinking 1-2 cups of Arthritis Tea and tells me her knees, thumbs and hips have stopped hurting!  Thanks for all you do with tea.  – TK
I cannot tell you how glad I was to see you at Japan Fest in Atlanta last month! I am loving my new teapot & cups and my new teas. The Adaptogenesis arthritis blend is a godsend! My youngest two year-old children are now fans as well, thanks to the Cozy Comfort and Florida Lavender Sage. Your teas are the BEST!!!     Miriam P

What a wonderful experience I had in Cottage Garden Teas at Wellington Green Mall. So friendly and knowledgeable, they really took their time educating me about their organic teas. I suffer from a G.I. disease, and was searching for something to help with my nausea, bloating, digestion etc… Immunity Infusion & Good Digestion Tea were recommend & I just fell in love with how fresh & tasty they were. They have both helped me so much with my symptoms and I can’t thank them enough! I intend to keep purchasing more teas from Cottage Garden. I cannot wait to try their fresh chamomile tea and more of their rosehip tea. Thank you so much! Highly recommend stopping in to see their huge selection.      Kara O.




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