White Teas

White Teas

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      White Chai

      from $17.00

      Organic chai spices make an aromatic blend . . .

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      White Mulberry

      from $16.00

      White tea and oolong from Taiwan with pear and mulberry

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      Youthful Berries

      from $16.50

      Acai, cranberry, blueberry, pineapple, mango, apple . . . a fruit basket of flavor.

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      Zen Catalyst

      from $13.00

      Bring on the relaxation . . . chill


White tea is famous for its antioxidants and its benefits for skin and hair, and is the least processed of all the teas.  White tea leaves are dried in the sun without any chemical or heat process.  This allows the leaf to show many shades of color with large, varied leaf shapes.

It used to be thought that white tea carried very little caffeine, but new research is proving otherwise.  A new study shows that white tea, green tea and black tea are similar in caffeine, when brewed with identical methods.  Lower caffeine levels in a cup of tea apparently have more to do with brewing methods than type of tea.   Generally, it is best to brew white tea at lower temperatures and for shorter steeping times because of its delicate nature.

This more gentle tea brewing process not only prevents a bitter tasting cup, but also brings out less caffeine than higher temperatures and longer steeping times used with black or oolong tea.

The gentler brewing also allows for multiple brews of white tea without compromising flavor.White tea brews up delicate and mild, and develops a soft, fragrant bouquet.  Our flavored white teas are elegant and tender, and are especially fascinating over ice.