Things I’ve seen written about tea recently:

the bitterness of tea is symbolic of life’s suffering

the star constellations’ energy is connected to tea plants

tea readies the spirit for its journey and return (death & reincarnation?)

At Cottage Garden Teas, we believe that since tea is a plant, it was made by our Creator.  And like all things, they are sustained by that Creator. Thankfully, then, there will always be tea, although at times there may be a failure of tea crops at various plantations. But across the world, there will always be tea. That’s comforting to me, because I can’t imagine a world without it! 

The teas themselves, while they carry many health benefits including stress relief and mood lift, don’t have any spiritual value in and of themselves.  But we can use them in our times of spiritual connection with our Creator.  A cup of tea is frequently part of my routine when I’m praying or reading the Bible. It provides focus and relaxation from the chaos of life.

You’ll notice, if you’ve ever purchased a bag of our tea, that we put sayings on the back of each bag.  This is the only inherent spirituality our tea has – It gives Cottage Garden Teas a platform for encouraging people with words that have spiritual enlightenment and meaning. 

We hope you are inspired, and that you enjoy your tea!

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