Adaptogenesis Tea

CGT:   We call this newest proprietary line ADAPTOGENESIS TEAS.

Q:  Can you define ADAPTOGEN?

CGT:  It’s a natural substance (herbs in this case) which help us adapt to stress and normalize internal issues.

Q:  And why does Cottage Garden Teas call them ADAPTOGENESIS teas?  What does the name mean?

CGT:  It means, the beginning of your body’s path to better health and wellness.  We use specific herbs to help our bodies adapt to specific problems.

For example this is our Liver Cleanse Tea, available in a 3 oz. bag, which has all the “adaptogen” herbs for your fatty-liver syndrome.  This tea un-clogs our livers from all the toxins and visceral fats that prevent our livers from doing their work.  Hormones like insulin are not able to work their magic on our typical diet because of the fatty liver.  This tea is blended in small batches, as are all Cottage Garden Teas, so that each bag gets the proper amount of each ingredient so as to do its job.  Cottage Garden Teas prides itself on actually making these herbal teas TASTE GOOD, as we think no tea will help you with your health if you won’t drink it! 


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