African Sunset Honeybush

African Sunset Honeybush

Honeybush from South Africa has no caffeine, with 90% certified organic ingredients and no additional artificial or natural flavoring. Lemon freshness . . . to brew at sunset.

$13.00 — $52.00

Organic Honeybush (a sibling to rooibos tea…only sweeter), combined with lemon myrtle, verbeena, lime flower, citrus peel and flower petals, is a fresh-tasting and caffeine-free tea.  Low in tannins and high in antioxidants.  Cultivated in the Eastern Cape Region of South Africa.  Great to drink at sunset…this soothing tea won’t keep you up!

Verbeena is a fragrant sedative known to ease spasms and settle the stomach, fight indigestion and flatulence, reduce fever and it acts as a stimulant for the skin.

Lemon myrtle is a rare plant growing in the rainforest of Australia.  It contains a natural essential oil called citral, which exhibits sedative, antiviral and antifungal properties.  Citral helps protect against the common cold, influenza, bronchitis and indigestion.  Lemon myrtle, while it is not related to the lemon tree, has a refreshing and intense lemony smell and taste.

Lime flower blossoms are an internal stress-reducing herb known to reduce muscle tension.



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