Precious Plum

Precious Plum

A Fruity Oolong Blend

$11.00 — $44.00

Oolongs from Taiwan and China are blended with peach pieces, rosehip, neem, lemon myrtle, and flavored with luscious plum.  A fruity tea with depth of flavor.

Oolong is famous for acting as a natural detox tea, cleansing the digestive system of unwanted toxins.

Lemon myrtle is a rare plant growing in the rainforest of Australia.  It contains a natural essential oil called citral, which exhibits sedative, antiviral and antifungal properties.  Citral helps protect against the common cold, influenza, bronchitis and indigestion.  Lemon myrtle, while it is not related to the lemon tree, has a refreshing and intense lemony smell and taste.

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