Herbal Supplement Powders

Herbal Supplement Powders

These herbs have been ground into powders for adding to a smoothie, yogurt, cereal, or soup. Here are a few of the many health benefits that may be obtained by adding these herbs to your diet. While we make no medical claims about any herb or tea, we acknowledge that herbs have been known to have effects on our health. We suggest you do your own research before consuming these or any supplements.

$6.00 — $19.50

BLACK COHOSH ROOT POWDER (2oz) hot flashes, menopause and PMS symptoms, acne treatment  $12.00

CACAO POWDER (roasted) (1.5oz cert organic)  heart health, cholesterol, anti-aging properties   $6.00

CAROB (2oz natural) chocolate substitute (1/3 the calories), A & B vitamins, potassium, rich in pectin, non-allergenic, abundant protein           $6.00

CHIA SEEDS (2.2oz) fights belly fat, high fiber & protein, regulates appetite / mood / sleep, heart healthy,     omega 3’s     $7.50

CHLORELLA (2oz, cultivated without chemicals) inflammation, immunity, bad breath, detox, digestion, energy, lowers blood sugar / blood pressure, fights high cholesterol     $12.00

FENUGREEK SEED (2oz, cert organic) stomach/indigestion, blood sugar, protein digestion, breastmilk production, anti-inflammatory      $6.00

GINKGO LEAF(1.5oz)  allergies, asthma, circulation, heart, stroke, memory     $6.00

HAWTHORNE BERRY(2oz) heart, circulation, memory    $6.00

HIBISCUS (2oz, cert organic) blood pressure, cold & respiratory symptoms, inflammation, fluid retention, stomach irritation    $6.00

MACA (2oz, cert organic) strength, stamina, energy, libido, fertility, immunity     $7.50

MATCHA (1.5oz, powdered green tea) high antioxidants, builds immune system, cancer-fighter     $19.50

MILK THISTLE SEED (2ozc cert organic) liver strength, headaches, withdrawal from alcohol /drugs, allergies, skin toxin cleanse       $6.00

MULBERRY(2oz) constipation, high fiber/low sugar ratio, high protein, antioxidants, fights anemia, weakness, dizziness, fatigue, calms nerves, reduces heart palpitations    $10.50

MORINGA LEAF (1.5oz, cert organic) energy, focus, stamina, mental clarity, antioxidants,                                 rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids             $7.50

PAU D’ARCO (wildharvested) anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, antioxidant.  Useful in managing diabetes, fibromyalgia, anemia, gastritis, arthritis, yeast infections, colds & flu, liver strength.   $7.50

SASSAFRAS (1oz, wild harvested) anti-inflammatory, gout, stomach distress, blood purification, liver cleanse, skin health, anti-viral, anti-bacterial      $6.00

SAW PALMETTO BERRY (2oz) hormones, cramps, tension / anxiety, urinary infections, incontinence, breaks down fat     $6.00

SPIRULINA (2oz, cert organic) blue/green algae, immunity, blood pressure & cholesterol, high protein, detox      $10.50

TURMERIC (1.5oz, cert organic) arthritis, stomach pain, headache, skin health, bloating, liver cleanse, cancer-fighter, and lots more    $7.50

VALERIAN ROOT (1.5oz, cert organic) sleep aid, tranquilizer     $7.50

WILD YAM ROOT (1.5OZ) menopause symptoms, arthritis,  irritable bowel syndrome   $6.00


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