French Lace Lavender Pai Mu Tan

French Lace Lavender Pai Mu Tan

Lavender White Peony Tea Not Just for Drinking!

$9.50 — $57.00

Our White Peony tea is blended with beautifully fragrant lavender for a relaxing, soothing tea.  It is no wonder that in Spain and Portugal, lavender flowers were scattered on the floors of homes and churches for celebrations.  Not only for the scent, lavender lifts the spirits, keeps flies and mosquitoes away, and has many, many medicinal uses.

To experience a “Nirvana Bath” for your skin, soak a wash cloth in astrong brew of French Lace Lavender Pai Mu Tan, and apply the cloth to yourskin.  Brings harmony and reduces puffiness, while leaving you smelling wonderful.

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