Dark Tuo Cha

Dark Tuo Cha

Superb Earthy Taste

$19.50 — $70.00

Country of Origin: China, Yunnan Province

Tuo Cha is aged tea pressed into the shape of a bird’s nest, then individually wrapped in paper. One nest brews three cups of tea, and is good for another brewing. If only one cup is desired, simply break the pressed tea into pieces, use enough for one cup, and save the rest for later. This dark puerh is a superb, earthy tea, which is a favorite among those with high levels of cholesterol. It’s famous for eating up the fat molecules in our bodies. We like this tea because it can be brewed for hours and never gets bitter. And who doesn’t forget their brewing tea once in a while? The longer Puerh is steeped, the darker it gets. This is a strong tea, and although it can stand up to milk, it doesn’t need any because there’s no bitterness, ever!

Note: 3.5 ounces renders approximately 33 nests


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